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Educational Institutions

Algonquin College
1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa ON
phone: 613-727-9797

Cambridge Public School (English Public)
2123 Route 500 West, Embrun ON
phone: 613-443-3024
fax: 613-443-3012


Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON
phone: 613-520-7400

Connecting Pieces (Special Needs Education)
Embrun, ON
phone: 613-294-1975

Connecting Pieces is specialized in offering a variety of educational services and products to help parents and educators with special needs children.
We also offer family consultation for children with special needs.
Our tutors and consultants are qualified to work individually or in small groups with your child in order to achieve their full potential by focussing on fun activities and positive reinforcements.

Embrun Secondary High School (French Catholic)
1276 St-Jacques St, Embrun ON
phone: 613-443-2186
fax: 613-443-9043 & 613-4

Intermediate Pavillion (Grade 7 & 8)
High School Section (Grade 9 to 12)

La Cité Collégiale
801 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa ON
phone: 613-742-2483

Mother Teresa School (English Catholic)
1035 Concession St, Russell ON
phone: 613-445-3788
fax: 613-445-3789


Ottawa Carleton E-School
921 Notre Dame
phone: 613-443-0556
fax: 613-482-4504

Ottawa Carleton E-School is an Internet High School that is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, Canada. Together with its affiliate school Canada E-School, it offers one of the largest online high school programs in Canada. Students can add an E-School course to their existing high school timetable or take make-up courses to recover failed courses and obtain the marks they need for university entrance.

Ottawa University
550 Cumberland St., Ottawa ON
phone: 613-562-5700

Pavillon La Croisée (French Catholic)
1215 St-Augustin St., Embrun ON
phone: 613-443-4881
fax: 613-443-4885

Grade 3 to 6

Rivière Castor Public School (French public)
100 Maheu St. P.O. Box 1229, Embrun ON
phone: 613-443-2226
fax: 613-443-5024


Russell Cooperative Nursery School
38 Mill Street Russell Ontario K1E 1E7
phone: 613-445-0358


RCNS offers a part-time nursery school program which provides a positive learning environment for young children while giving parents the opportunity to participate. It also provides for a positive school experience familiarizing them with what will be expected when they head off to Kindergarten.

Russell High School (English Public)
982 North Russell Rd, Russell ON
phone: 613-445-2659
fax: 613-445-2660


Russell Public School (English Public)
14 Mill St, Russell ON
phone: 613-445-2190 or 613-
fax: 613-445-0634


Saint-Jean Embrun Elementary Catholic School
1045, rue Notre-Dame St, Embrun ON
phone: 613-443-2850
fax: 613-443-5685

Pre-Kindergarden to Grade 2

St-Joseph Elementary School (French Catholic)
1008 Russell Road North, Russell ON
phone: 613-445-2947
fax: 613-445-2931

Pre-kindergarden to grade 6

St-Thomas Aquinas High School (English Catholic)
1211 South Russell Rd, Russell ON
phone: 613-445-0810 or 1-87
fax: 613-445-1520


St-Viateur School (French Catholic)
205 Limoges Rd, Limoges ON
phone: 613-443-1976
fax: 613-443-1859


Ste-Thérèse d'Avila School (French Catholic)
9575 Marionville St, Marionville ON
phone: 613-745-0282
fax: 613-445-0565


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