The pool will be closed as of September 1st, 2018. Thank you for this beautiful season!

Schedule for public swim

Monday: 2:45 pm to 4 pm and 6:45 pm to 9 pm
Tuesday: 2:45 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm
Wednesday: 1 pm to 4 pm (free swim sponsored by Tim Hortons) and 6:45 m to 9 pm
Thursday: 2:45 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm
Friday: 2:45 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm
Saturday: 1:30 pm to 6 pm
Sunday: 1:30 pm to 6 pm
*This schedule is subject to change without notice.

Fees for public swim (cash and cheques only)

For more information, call 613-445-1921.


Here are some documents that can help you make an informed decision regarding swimming lessons for your child.

 - Swimming Lesson Schedule

 - Conversion Chart (Red Cross - Lifesaving Society - YMCA)

Swim team guidelines

 - Overall 2018 Pool Schedule

For more information, contact us at recreation.loisirs@russell.ca or at the pool itself once it is open (end of June).

All municipal locations have parking designated specifically for individuals with handicaps. Please be respectful.