Find out more about commercial and multi-unit residential projects in the planning or construction stages of development within the Township.

Comments on projects in the planning stage are welcome. If you are interested in seeing additional plans or reports for any of the projects in the planning stages or to submit comments please contact the Planning Department by e-mail or by phone at 613-443-3066.

Under construction or building permit review:

400 Commerce Street - Apollo Green Inc.

Conversion of an existing building into a media marijuana production facility.
Site plan


Service Street – Bubbles Bounce Inc.

New warehouse and equipment rental facility

Site Plan


101 Warehouse St. – Dumyat Hill Realty

Description: New warehouse building
Site plan

781 A Notre Dame St. – Benson Auto Parts

Description: Expansion of existing auto parts sales and distribution building

Site plan


781 D Notre Dame St. – Entreprise Seguin

Description: New warehouse and office buildings

Site Plan

In planning stages:

1106 Concession St – 2558147 Ontario Inc.

New mixed-use building (1 commercial unit, 2 residential units)

Site Plan

932 Burton Road – Racine Bergevin Enterprises Inc.

Description: Addition of a new building for self-storage

Site Plan