Grants for Businesses - Community Improvement Plan

On December 14th, 2015, the Council of Russell Township adopted the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and began accepting applications on January 1st, 2016.

The CIP is an exciting opportunity that enhances existing businesses and may result in an increased range of services.

The CIP also provides direction on a unified vision and design guideline for the study areas and may attract more businesses, tourists and visitors to the community and, develop underutilized areas.

Various grant programs currently available:

  • Façade Improvement

  • Signage Improvement

  • Accessibility Improvement

  • Residential Conversion to Commercial Use

  • Parking Area and Landscaping Improvement

  • Architectural/Engineering Design

  • Municipal Application / Permit Fees Rebate

  • Tax Increment

Documents and Resources:

For additional information, please contact Dominique Tremblay, Director of Planning & Building and Economic Development by email or at 613 443-3066 extension 2317.

Garage Loiselle
Garage Loiselle

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COOP Embrun

COOP Embrun