Pedestrian Crossover at the Embrun Roundabout

Improved Pedestrian Crossover at the Embrun Roundabout

What is new about this pedestrian crossing? Residents will soon notice flashing lights, known as beacons, at the pedestrian
crossing at the roundabout in Embrun. The flashing beacons require vehicles to stop, and enhance safety for pedestrians in our community.

Sketch of a Roundabout with a Pedestrian Crossing Sign


Using the Pedestrian Crossover at the Embrun Roundabout

Information for pedestrians and cyclists:

  • You must dismount and walk your bike across, if you are cycling.
  • You should indicate you want to cross by making the beacon flash.
  • you should ensure drivers see you before you step out
  • You should cross only when traffic has come to a complete stop and it is safe to do so.

Information for drivers:

  • You are required to yield to pedestrians at this crossover with a flashing beacon.
  • You may only proceed through the crossover after all pedestrians have crossed fully.
  • Even if they do not activate the beacon you are required to stop for pedestrians at this crossover.