As of January 18, 2022, there are changes to dog tag registrations and renewals. Read details in the Full Notice.

All dogs must be registered and always wear their dog tag. Register your new dog with a tag within 7 days of becoming a dog owner.


  • A dog tag is $20. This tag will be used for the life of the dog.
  • Replacement for a lost tag is $2.
  • Late fees are $10 as of April 1 each year (applies to renewals unpaid by March 31).


If you are a homeowner, no action is needed to renew your dog tag. You will continue using the dog tag you have and a renewal fee of $20 will be added to your property tax bill in August. The renewal fee will continue to be added to property tax bill each August until the Township is notified that you no longer own your dog. No late fee applies.

If you are a renter or non-homeowner, you must pay the renewal fee of $20 before March 31 each year to renew your dog tag. You will continue using the tag you have, and will get a renewal letter to the address you provided as a reminder. A renewal letter will be sent to you each year until the Township is notified that the dog is no longer part of that household. As of April 1 each year, a $10 late fee applies.

Payment Options

Dog tags can be purchased or renewed:


  • Households within village limits are permitted two dogs.
  • Households outside village limits are permitted three dogs
  • Dogs need to be on a leash at all times.
  • Pets cannot be near our play structures, pool, or splash pad, as per our By-Law.
  • Dogs can be off-leash for some outdoor fun at our Dog Park

Animal Care and Control By-Law

Please read the Animal Care and Control By-Law for the all rules relating to animals in the Township.

Kennel Licenses

An annual permit is required for the following types of kennels:

  • Breeding Kennel
  • Boarding Kennel
  • Recreational Kennel
  • Dog Daycare