The following By-Laws and Policies are available by request unless otherwise linked below.

Township master plans and strategic documents are available on our Reports and Strategic Plans page.

  • Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy
  • Accessibility Compliance Policy as per the Ontarians with Disabilities Act
  • Advertising Policy
  • Bilingual Services Policy
  • Citizen Recognition Policy
  • Corporate Sponsorship Policy
  • Client Service and Complaints Policy
  • Disposal of Land Policy
  • Electronic Reproduction of Signatures on Cheques
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Engineering Standards 1993 for Roads, Sidewalks & Culverts (Not a By-law)
  • Emergency Management Program
  • Community Grants and Contributions Policy
  • Half-Masting and Raising of Flags Policy
  • Heat Warning Policy
  • Infrastructure Tax
  • Invoicing and Collection of Other Receivables
  • Municipal Alcohol Policy
  • Municipal Debt Management Policy
  • Municipal Highway Classification
  • Naming of Parks and Recreation Facilities Policy
  • Notice to the Public Policy
  • Permanent Closing of Streets & Unopened Road Allowances Policy
  • Preventive Maintenance program Water Treatment Plant & Sewage Systems
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Rental and Allocation Policy
  • Reserve Management Policy
  • Sale of Industrial Land Policy
  • Strategic Asset Management Policy
  • Strategic Plan
  • Street Names
  • Tangible Capital Asset Policy
  • Tax Collection Policies & Procedures
  • Vehicle Licenses Signing Authority – Mobile Canteens, Transient Traders, Taxicabs and Ice Cream
  • Video Surveillance System Policy
Boards and Committees
  • Assessment Review Board Authority for Cancellation of Taxes
  • Boards & Committees – Appointments
  • Environmental Advisory Sub-Committee Resolutions
  • Library Board Appointments
  • Municipal By-elections - Compliance Audit Committee Appointments
  • Municipal Elections – Joint Compliance Audit Committee Appointments
  • Honorariums (Non-Elected Members)
  • Mandate and Meeting Procedure for Committees (Committee By-law)

Municipal Elections

  • Authorized Agreement with Intelivote Systems Inc. for Telephone and Internet Voting
  • Authorized Telephone and Internet Voting
  • Joint Compliance Audit Committee Terms of Reference
  • Lame Duck Council – Delegation of Financial & Staffing Authority
  • Reduced Voting Hours for Institutions
  • Restricted Acts of Council after Nomination Day (Lame Duck Period)
  • Sign By-law (Elections Signs)
  • Use of Municipal Resources Policy

Municipal By-Elections

  • Amendment to the Sign By-law (By-elections Signs)
  • Authorized Agreement with SCYTL for Telephone & Internet Voting
  • Authorized Telephone & Internet Voting
  • Reduced Voting Hours for Institutions


  • Community Centre (Embrun) By-Law
  • Community Centre Hall (Embrun) By-Law
  • Community Centre Hall (Marionville) By-Law
  • Community Centre (Russell) By-Law
  • Embrun Playing Field By-Law
  • Fitness Trail (New York Central) By-Law
  • Russell Centennial Pool By-Law
  • Sports & Youth Centre By-Law
  • Tennis Courts Embrun By-Law
  • Tennis Courts Marionville By-Law

Fire and Rescue Services

  • Establishing By-Law
  • Fire Protection Services with the Nation Township
  • Mutual Emergency Support Agreement By-Law
  • Russell County Mutual Aid By-Law

General By-Laws


Building, Construction, and Demolition

  • Building Officials Code of Conduct
  • Building Permit Fees & Regulations
  • Civic Addressing
  • Lodging Houses

Development of Land

  • Development Charges
  • Fortification of Buildings and Lands – Prohibited
  • Official Plan
  • Parkland Dedication By-law
  • Processing of Planning Applications – Policies and Procedures
  • Prohibiting the obstruction or alteration of drains, private drains and grade of land and regulations for maintenance and repair
  • Site Plan Control
  • Street Name Index
  • Topsoil Regulations (Removal)
  • Zoning By-Law

Fires and Emergencies

Home and Property


  • Ice Cream Vendor
  • Lottery Licenses
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Mobile Canteens
  • Taxis
  • Transient Traders By-law


  • Loitering in Public Places
  • Retail Business Holiday By-law
  • Sign By-Law
  • Smoking or Vaping on Municipal Properties

Public Transit

  • Public Transit Regulations
  • Public Transit Monthly Pass Reimbursement

Roads and Sidewalks

  • Private Entranceways (Culverts)
  • Road Cut Permits
  • Speed Zone Reduction Policy
  • Temporary Closure of Highways During Construction & Repairs - Delegated Authority to Director of Public Works
  • Transportation Master Plan

Taxation, Property Taxes, and Finance

  • Final Tax Rate for the year
  • Interim Tax Levies
  • Interest Charges on Uncollected Taxes
  • Tax Rebate Program for Vacant Portions of Property in the Commercial Property or Industrial Property Classes
  • User Fees and Charges

Traffic, Roads, and Parking

  • Fire Routes
  • Half Load
  • Prohibiting Use of Vehicles on Recreational Pathways 
  • Temporary Road Closures for Special Events - Delegated Authority
  • Traffic & Parking Regulations
  • Weight Restrictions on Bridges
  • Off Road Vehicles By-law (ATV)
  • Off Road Vehicles By-law (Christmas Parade)

Parks and Environment

  • Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy
  • Tree Obstruction
  • Energy Management Plan
  • Parks and Recreational Areas – Regulations
  • Outdoor Solid Fuel Combustion Appliances
  • Solar Panel Project - Process for the treatment of applications
  • Commemorative Trees & Benches Policy
  • Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Waste Management

  • Collection and Disposal of Garbage, Recycling and all related Waste Management Activities in the Township

Water and Sewer

  • Allocation Policy for Sewer and Water
  • Capital Charges By-law (for private wastewater and water system conversion)
  • Embrun Commercial Park Water and Sewer Servicing Charge By-law
  • Le Baron Development Common Charge & Connection Cost
  • Limoges Requirements for Owners to Connect to Sewer
  • Limoges Sewage Frontage Rates
  • Limoges Sewage Works Rate
  • Limoges Sewer Rates
  • Limoges Water & Sewers Maintenance Connection
  • Limoges Water Frontage Rates
  • Limoges Water Meters
  • Limoges Water Rates
  • Limoges Waterworks Rate
  • Procedure for private services conversion
  • Sanitary Sewer Discharge By-law
  • Storm Sewer Discharge By-law
  • Water and Sewage (Villages of Russell, Embrun, Marionville) 
  • Wireless installations protocol
  • Water and Wastewater Master Plan

Transparency and Accessibility

We are fully committed to both transparency and accessibility at the Township of Russell.

Read our Accountability and Transparency Policy.

To stay compliant with accessibility regulations, and ensure all documents posted on our website are accessible to all (for example, for those using screen readers and other assistive technologies), our By-Laws or Policies listed above are available by request from our Clerk's Department.

When requesting a copy of a By-Law or policy, please let the Clerk's Department know if you need communicative support or an accessible format.