The Township of Russell has an Official Plan as required by the Ontario Planning Act.

The Township of Russell's Official Plan outlines the goals, priorities, and permitted land uses within areas of our municipality. The Official Plan works in conjunction with other applicable legislation, such as, the Planning Act, Provincial Policy Statement, and the United Counties of Prescott Russell Official Plan

The role of the Official Plan is to guide physical change within these areas until the year 2036:

  • the four villages (Embrun, Russell, parts of Limoges, parts of Marionville)
  • the Commercial Park; and,
  • the Industrial Park next to the Highway 417.

If you want to use your property or develop it in a way that conflicts with the Official Plan, you will need to submit an  Official Plan Amendment Application.


The policies in the Official Plan are often based on the designation and identification of the property or asset in the map schedules which form the appendices of the Official Plan. The schedules help make it easier to understand the geographical area and the policies which apply.

Schedule A1 – Land Use Designations – Embrun and Commercial Parks
Schedule A2 – Land Use Designations – Russell
Schedule A3 – Land Use Designations – Limoges
Schedule A4 – Land Use Designations – Marionville
Schedule A5 – Land Use Designations –Industrial Park
Schedule B – Transportation
Schedule C1 – Community Improvement Plan Project Areas – Embrun
Schedule C2 – Community Improvement Plan Project Areas – Russell

Due to technological limitations, the map schedules may not be compatible with screen readers or other assistive technologies. If you require accessibility or communication support for these documents, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator.