Last Updated: November 23, 2022

Stay informed about upcoming multi-unit residential and non-residential projects within the Township.

The files listed below are those that require site plan control approval. This list does not include subdivisions.

Under Planning Review

Projects “Under Planning Review” are open to public comments. Comments received will be shared with the developer for their consideration. Please send comments to our Planning Department and include the file number with your comments.

Applications Under Planning Review
DescriptionFile NumberSite Plan

Construction of 30 unit residential building – 106 Craig Street

D11-55 (Mélanie Construction)  View Site Plan for D11-55

Addition to commercial vehicle manufacturing and repair facility – 347 Corduroy Road

D11-75B (Battleshield Property Group Ltd.) View Site Plan for D11-75B

New mixed use building consisting of offices and apartments and a second project consisting of 16 townhouse dwellings – Oasis Street and Limoges Road

D11-134 (TMJ Construction) View Site Plan for D11-134 

Hoists garage with offices and storage – 224 Robot Street

D11-136 (YSB Carpentry & Hoist)

View Site Plan for D11-136

Construction a 2 residential building consisting of 20 apartments and 1 commercial space in Phase 1 and 35 apartments in Phase 2 - 975-979 North Russell Road

D11-137 (OCS Holdings)

View Site Plan for D11-137

New Industrial Building – 541 Echo Street, Vars

D11-139 (Cloture Régionale)

View Site Plan for D11-139

Construction of a two-lane drive thru -771 Notre Dame, Embrun

D11-140 (Tim Hortons Embrun)  View Site Plan for D11 - 140
Construction of a new 3 storey apartment                

building containing 18 units - 333 Belfort, Embrun

D11-141 (Saca Homes) View Site Plan for D11 - 141
Construction of a new car dealership -                       

Corner of Route 300 and St-Guillaume

D11-143 (Chrysler Jeep Dodge) View Site Plan for D11-143
Warehouse building – Emard Street D11-145 (Phil Clermont) View Site Plan for D11-145
Industrial building – 212 Robot Street D11-146 (Raymond EMC) View Site Plan for D11-146

Under Building Permit Review or Construction

Projects that are “Under Building Permit Review or Construction” are no longer open for public comments. If you’re wondering what exciting projects are coming soon, this is where to look.

Local Projects Under Construction
DescriptionFile NumberSite Plan

Restaurant and commercial space for lease – 1044 St. Guillaume Road - Phase 2

D11-72B (Russell Properties Ontario Inc.) View Site Plan for D11-72B

Industrial use building (manufacturing tow trucks) with offices – Echo Street

D11-76 (9483304 Canada Ltd.) View Site Plan for D11-76

Stacked townhouse dwellings – 78 units in 7 buildings – St-Moritz Terrace

D11-124 (C.H. Clement Construction Inc.) View Site Plan for D11-124
Commercial vehicle manufacturing and repair building with offices – Echo Street D11-127 (743183 Ontario Inc.) View Site Plan for D11-127
Industrial use building (light industrial fabrication) with offices – 129 Warehouse Street D11-128 (2780016 Ontario Inc.) View Site Plan for D11-128
Industrial use building (manufacturing) with offices – Clement Street D11-129 (Les Ateliers Beau-Roc Inc.) View Site Plan for D11-129
Industrial use building (welding shop) with offices – Robot Street D11-130 (C & C Welding Ltd.) View Site Plan for D11-130
Apartment building (44 unit) – 987 North Russell Road D11-132 (ZanderPlan Inc.) View Site Plan for D11-132
Industrial use building with offices – Robot Street D11-133 (Les Entreprises Mirgil Inc) View Site Plan for D11-133
Construction of a 12 unit residential building – 1095 Notre Dame Street D11-135 (JM Peartree) View Site Plan for D11-135


Additional plans and documents submitted with the site plan application, such as grading and drainage plans, landscape plans, erosion and sediment control plans and others, are available by request for each project from our Planning Department.