Featured Business Profile in January 2023

Another new company just joined our fast-growing industrial park in Vars. In November 2022, Level Steel Inc. moved and started operating in a brand-new state of the art, lean manufacturing facility that utilizes the latest technology and CNC equipment. Their close proximity to Highway 417 gives Level Steel Inc. the ability to receive steel shipments and distribute products with ease to surrounding cities. They focus on the production of structural and miscellaneous steel for commercial, industrial, institutional and heritage construction projects. Through innovation, accountability and safety, Level Steel Inc. aims to be a leader in steel manufacturing. Their team of professionals will take your vision and turn it into reality. Each project is detailed with a highly collaborative 3D modeling software, which can be shared with the construction team in order to plan, design and construct the steel structures, and miscellaneous metals. A series of overhead cranes, ventilation system and an assembly of  Voortman production machines were installed to make the process safe, smooth and automated. With this equipment, employees work in a clean and safe facility without having to lift heavy equipment, which offers an opportunity for everyone. A modern kitchen, personal lockers and an inclusive environment is available to all employees.

The four owners of the company, Sylvie, Véronique, Eric and Ian, together bring close to 100 years of experience in the steel industry. With each of them bringing a different strength, which means they offer a well-rounded team. Manufacturing a true product while developing meaningful relationships with a community who shares their core values is the company’s mission. While new to the community, Level Steel Inc. is always looking for ways to give back and to support local employment. The Department of Economic Development is proud that Level Steel Inc. is among our business community and congratulates the team on their work and involvement in the Township of Russell. 

We invite you to tour the business at 129 Warehouse Street in the 417 Industrial Park in Vars. Their hours are from Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can also consult their website at www.levelsteel.ca and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. For more information or if you want an opportunity to be part of their team, please call 613-443-2693 or email them at info@levelsteel.ca.

Advice to young entrepreneurs: When starting a new business; follow your passion, create a business plan, believe in yourself and doors will open.