Featured Business Profile in December 2020

Are there any renovations, additions or new constructions in your future plans? Whether it's a residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial project, Blanchard Letendre Engineering is here to help you make your dreams come true. The company offers a wide variety of engineering and drafting services for buildings of all kinds, including a house, garage, condo, warehouse, office, farm, etc. The company specializes in structural engineering, civil engineering, forensic engineering, and drafting and design services.

After working together for a period of 10 years at another company, co-owners Damien Letendre and Francis Blanchard decided to go into business and continue to provide engineering services to the community. The company opened its doors in May 2019 at 42-767 Notre Dame in the village of Embrun. Since its opening, the multidisciplinary team values the delivery of quality service to meet the needs of customers who are predominantly in the Prescott-Russell region.

Moreover, Blanchard Letendre Engineering believes in the importance of giving back to the community by distributing donations to various local organizations. The company also designed the obstacle course for the Coureurs des bois Challenge event. Damien and Francis, both being young bilingual entrepreneurs from the region, encourage local shopping by taking advantage of other services and products offered in the community. The Economic Development Department is proud that Blanchard Letendre Engineering is among our business community and congratulates the team for their work and involvement in the Township of Russell.

Are you considering taking on a project that requires engineering or drafting services? Schedule an appointment with the team at 613-693-0700 or by email at admin@blengineering.ca. For more information, you can also consult the company's website at www.blengineering.ca.