Although the Township of Russell's growth allows us to look to the future, what remains fundamental to our identity is our history.

The Historical Plaque Program recognizes the persons, properties, and events that are historically significant to the Township of Russell. Since the program's debut in 2019, we have worked towards honouring the stories that shaped our community.

Historical Plaques

Each bronze plaque has a historical photo and bilingual text describing the site's historical significance. Visit the plaques in person!

To recount complete stories, we have added more information and photos for each plaque in the program below. 

Plan Your Visit

Visit all 16 plaques today and learn more about our rich history. Us our printable sheet to check plaques as you visit them.

Download our Printable Sheet

Submit a Plaque Suggestion

If you know of a person, place, event or object that you think may be of historical significance to the Township of Russell, please let us know!


The plaque is intended for commemorative purposes and has no legal implications. It is not a designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.