Pre-Authorized Payments

Avoid remembering due dates, waiting in line or risking late fees by signing up for our pre-authorized payment plan. Choose either:

  • Option A: Equal monthly withdrawals
  • Option B: Withdrawals on the due date of your payments

To sign up for pre-authorized payments:

  1. Complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Form below
  2. Send the completed form with a VOID cheque by email to the Finance Department or in person at Town Hall.
We will inform you of the amount to be withdrawn from your bank account. You will still receive a property tax bill for your records.

Information and Conditions for Option A (Equal Monthly Payments)

Payment withdrawals will be made between the 25th and 27th of each month.

  • To be eligible for Option A, your accounts must be paid in full.
  • You must notify us if your banking information changes, if you sell your property or if you wish to cancel your plan.
  • Renewal is automatic each year unless otherwise specified.
  • There is no installation fee.
  • After two withdrawals of insufficient funds, we will cancel your pre-authorized payment plan.
  • The municipality reserves the right to cancel this authorization at any time.
  • At the beginning of each year, the Township of Russell will send you a letter confirming the amount of your withdrawals for the current year.

For property tax accounts:

  • Your payment withdrawals from January to August will be equal to the monthly billing equivalent to the previous tax year, divided by 12 months;
  • Your payment withdrawals from September to December are calculated using the current adjusted taxes minus the amount you have paid to date, divided by the remaining 4 months.

For water and/or sewer accounts:

  • After the quarterly readings, your withdrawal will be adjusted for the January, April, July and October due dates.


Go paperless! Register for electronic billing and receive your taxes and water and/or sewer bill directly by email. You choose how to pay.

To sign up for pre-authorized payments:

  1. Complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Form below
  2. Send the completed form by email to the Finance Department or in person at Town Hall.

To register for pre-authorized payments, fill out the e-Billing Registration Form below. At any time, let our office know if you would like to cancel or make changes to your PAP or e-Billing plan.

It is your responsibility to let the Township know in writing of any changes to the e-mail address where the bill is being sent, or if a bill has not been received. Late fees will apply.