Your Water and Sewer Bills

Please contact our Finance Department to confirm your account is setup, to update your mailing address, or other billing questions.

Billing Cycle and Fees

Water and/or sewer bills are sent every three months, being in January, April, July and October. Your water meter is read on the 15th day of the month before your bill.

Please contact our Finance Department for billing questions.

Flat Fees

Water Users and Sewer Users are charged a flat fee every billing cycle. This fee covers the administration and operational fees. Contact our Finance Department for the updated Flat Fee Rate.

Variable Consumption Rates

The variable consumption rate is set based on the amount of water you use, measured by your water meter. Contact our Finance Department for the updated Variable Consumption Rate.

If your invoice seems high, it could be because of:

  • A change in household (such as new tenants, new owners, more people, guests);
  • A result of higher seasonal demands (such as increase in lawn watering, filling up a pool, etc);
  • Installation of new appliances (such as a water-cooled air conditioner/equipment, dishwater, hot water tank, heating system, lawn sprinkling system);
  • A leak in plumbing fixtures and/or pipes (see our section below on Detecting a Leak).

Setup or Close an Account

When you move or purchase a property with municipal water and/or sewer services, contact our Finance Department with your new mailing address (including your P.O. Box).

These fees will apply to your water and/or sewer bill:

  • $25 to setup an account (will be added to your first invoice);
  • $25 to close an account (will be added to your final invoice).

e-Billing and Pre-Authorized Payments



 Visit our Pre-Authorized Payments and e-Billing page for details and conditions.

Reading Your Water Meter

Your water meter has an odometer that displays your total water usage since it was installed.

  • The first digit to the right of the decimal point displays your consumption every 100 liters.
  • The second digit to the right of the decimal point, represents every 10 liters of water used.
  • The first digit on the left of the decimal point identifies the cubic meter. Please note that 1m³ represents 1,000 liters of water.

Detecting a Leak

  • Every 20 to 30 seconds, you will notice the odometer switch from displaying your water usage to your flow rate. The word "FLOW" will appear on the meter when it switches and will display the rate of flow in liters per minute.
  • If you have shutoff all faucets, showerheads, and other water uses and the meter is still detecting water flow, it could mean you may have a leak within your plumbing system. Any possible leaks detected in your plumbing system is your responsibility as a property owner. Please contact your plumber!
  • To calculate the cost of your leak, multiply your rate of flow by 1,440 minutes, then multiply by your variable consumption rate.

Request a Final Reading Before Moving

Contact town hall for a final meter reading at least one (1) week before to your move.

  • Email our Finance Department or call 613-443-3066, extension 2309.
  • We will mail your final bill to your new address (remember to provide us with your new P.O box number). Your final bill will reflect the water you used between your last regular reading date and your final reading date.
  • If you are on a pre-authorized payment plan, you will be automatically removed from that plan and will be required to pay your final water bill when due.

A $25 fee will apply to your final bill to close your water and/or sewer account.