Township Water System

The Township of Russell water system has three water towers and a reservoir. Water pumps from the city of Ottawa to the reservoir overnight where it is re-chlorinated and stored. Water then pumps to Embrun, Russell, and Marionville water towers. The Township has plans to expand our water infrastructure to match the growth in our community.

Drinking Water Quality

The water for village of Limoges residents comes from the Nation Municipality water system. The Limoges Drinking Water system is under an adverse condition for high sodium - this advisory does not affect those on the Township of Russell drinking water system.

The Township of Russell provides safe, high quality, and sufficient quantity of drinking water.

The Operational Plan for the Township of Russell Drinking Water System defines and documents the Quality Management System for the Township of Russell. It sets requirements for our water quality according to the Province of Ontario's Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.

Read the Operational Plan

If you have any questions regarding the Operational Plan or the Quality Management System (QMS) Procedures please contact the Infrastructure Department.

Environmental Compliance

The Township of Russell drinking water complies with environmental regulations, by:

  • Having our water system inspected each year by the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks Cornwall district office;
  • Meeting all guidelines and procedures from the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks;
  • Making sure our water system is in compliance and has received a Municipal Drinking water license and a Drinking Water Works Permit as required in the Ontario Drinking Water Objectives and Ontario Drinking Water Standards;
  • Completing a written report each year detailing our compliance with all requirements of the Environmental Compliance Approval. The Compliance Report is available for public view by March 31 of the following year. Request a copy of the latest Compliance Report from our Public Utilities Department or visit Town Hall to see a printed copy.

Annual Report on Drinking Water

The Township of Russell reports to the Province on our drinking water system each year.

Read the Drinking Water Report

The report is also available at the Infrastructure Office at 851 Route 400, Russell.