Do You Have Your Dog Tags?

All dogs must be registered annually and always wear their dog tags.

Dog tags are due each year before March 31 or within 7 days of becoming a dog owner.

Cell phones are not compatible with the online registration option.

Purchase or Renew Dog Tags Online  

Dog Tag Registration Options

Dog tags can be purchased or renewed:


Fees for dog tags are:

  • $20 for spayed or neutered dogs;
  • $25 for dogs nor spayed or neutered;
  • $10 late fee for renewals (applies as of April 1 each year).


  • Households within village limits are permitted two dogs.
  • Households outside village limits are permitted three dogs
  • Dogs need to be on a leash at all times.
  • Pets cannot be near our play structures, pool, or splash pad, as per our By-Law.
  • Dogs can be off-leash for some outdoor fun at our Dog Park

Animal Care and Control By-Law

Please read the Animal Care and Control By-Law for the all rules relating to animals in the Township.

Kennel Licenses

An annual permit is required for the following types of kennels:

  • Breeding Kennel
  • Boarding Kennel
  • Recreational Kennel
  • Dog Daycare

Please contact the Public Safety and Enforcement Department for more details.