Assessment Notice
Property Assessment Change Notices

Did you receive a Property Assessment Change Notice?

Who is responsible for determining my property value?

The Township of Russell does not determine your property value assessment. Every property in Ontario is assessed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). MPAC reassesses properties every four years.

The Township multiplies the municipal tax rate by MPAC's assessed value of your property to calculate the amount of taxes you pay.

As a property owner, you will receive notices from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation about your property's assessed value. If you own a property in the Township of Russell, but want to receive all your notices at a different mailing address, you can easily update your information with MPAC. Visit to change your mailing address online.

Appealing a Property Assessment

For more information or to appeal your MPAC assessment, please visit MPAC's website

Property Assessments and Your Property Taxes

When MPAC assesses your home, there could be a change in your property taxes.

  • If your MPAC property value increases, you will see an increase in your property taxes, phased-in over four years.
  • If your MPAC property value decreases, your property taxes will decrease immediately.

Newly Built Homes

MPAC assessments work differently for a newly built home.

  1. MPAC will assess the value of your land first. You will get a property tax bill based only on the assessed value of your land.
  2. Next, MPAC will assess the value of your house. You will then get a property tax bill based on only assessed value of your house.
  3. The next year, these MPAC assessments will be combined into one single property tax bill.