Program Description

Community Grants and Contributions are available to non-for-profit community organizations, groups or associations for community projects and events targeting the Township of Russell residents, encouraging community cohesion as well as community-building capacity. 

Such projects and events may include Canada Day celebrations, winter carnivals, health fairs, career fairs, etc. and must take place within the Township of Russell boundaries. The global funds allocated through the Community Grants and Contributions are decided by Council annually during the municipal budget adoption period.

The Community Grants and Contributions program is intended to provide a modest level of financial support and should not be considered as the main source of funding for the organization.

Community Grants and Contribution Policy and Form

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Make a Request

  1. Complete the form found above.
  2. Prepare the following documents:
    • Rental Contract (if applicable);
    • List of Boards of Directors or Steering Committee;
    • Letters patent for first-time applicants only;
    • Financial statements for the previous year for requests over $1,000.
  3. Email the form and attachments to the Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant.

Who can apply?


The applicant's project or activity must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide evidence that there is an active Board of Directors or Steering Committee;
  2. The organization must be based in the Township of Russell and the proposal must benefit Township residents;
  3. The community projects and activities must be accessible and inclusive and fall within the mandate of the municipal guidelines;
  4. Sponsoring organization must be non-profit, and willing to provide a copy of their incorporation Charter document if requested;
  5. Sponsorship organization must operate in a non-discriminatory manner as set out by the Ontario Human Rights Code;
  6. Sponsorship organization must agree to display the Township Banner during the project or activity indicating the Township as a corporate sponsor;
  7. The organization must submit a recycling plan (Section E) to encourage recycling during their event;
  8. New organizations may be considered for initial funding for costs related to start up;
  9. Specifications for sports associations:
    1. Local sports associations may be entitled to the upper room of the arena, free of charge only during tournaments, picture days, off-ice training or fundraising for the association itself.
  10. Specifications for schools:
    1. Subsidized or free of charge hall rentals for fundraising events for the school can be made using the application form found in this policy. All final decisions are at the discretion of Council.
    2. The amount of the school bursaries are at the discretion of Council during the budget process.


The Township will not fund:

  1. For-profit organizations or businesses;
  2. Organizations and/or activities of a political nature;
  3. Organizations where the service component is conditional upon participation in religious activities or the organization;
  4. Regional, provincial and national events;
  5. Organizations which provide honorariums to its Board Members;
  6. Activities that will require municipal paid staff to attend and asking for their salaries to be covered;
  7. Specifications for sports associations:
    1. Any requests for the hall (banquet, Christmas party, etc.) will have to be paid by the association.
    2. The Township will not fund any expenses for tournaments outside of municipal boundaries, including travel expenses. All economic benefits should remain local.
  8. Specifications for schools:
    1. The Township will not fund any expenses for tournaments outside of municipal boundaries, including travel expenses. All economic benefits should remain local.
    2. Schools, whether local or outside the boundaries of the Township, will not receive a grant for the rental of fields (baseball diamonds and Sports Dome turf) or ice time during the regular and off-season or during home tournaments.

Evaluation of proposals

Funding for community projects and events will be based on the following criteria:

A. Promote community participation

  1. Develops partnerships and networks;
  2. Provides the opportunity for citizens to participate in their community;
  3. Demonstrate accessibility to all regardless of age, gender, origin, faith;
  4. Involves a large number of organizers and volunteers;
  5. Contributes to improving family and community supports;
  6. Creates awareness to encourage an eco-friendly community.

B. Promote economic activity and demonstrate accountability 

  1. Generates revenues for local businesses;
  2. Be recurrent (if possible) and warrants economic growth;
  3. Demonstrates costs sharing and responsible financial and legal accountability;
  4. Ensures that the funds received are used for the projects and the activities requested.

C. Meet the Township's mandate

  1. Have a positive impact on the community health, recreation, cultural and social needs;
  2. Proposes measures to prevent long-term health issues along with social integration;
  3. Provides a proactive approach to community needs concerns and issues;
  4. Eliminate barriers by raising awareness and advocating understanding and acceptance. 

D. Viability 

  1. Goals, objectives and implementation are clearly defined and realistic;
  2. Organization has a demonstrated track record and credibility;
  3. Identifies anticipated outcome and results;
  4. Do not duplicate services delivered locally by other organizations or by the Township.

Allocation process

Process and Deadline

  1. The Township will accept applications throughout the year, but the allocation of funds will not be automatic since the majority of funds will already have been approved for applications submitted during the approval of the annual budget. Recurring grants from previous years will be presented at the budget working sessions and will receive their final approbation at the discretion of Council during the final budget approval.
  2. All applications, including preapproved grants at the budget and new requests, must be submitted at least thirty (30) days before the date of the project or activity.
  3. All applications received will be reviewed before being presented to the Council to ensure that they meet all criteria. Applications meeting the eligibility criteria will be presented at Council meeting in a table in the Consent Items. Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria or needing support from Council according to the administration will be presented in a report to Council. All preapproved grants that are asking for a higher amount than budgeted will be presented in a report to Council.
  4. The Council's response will be sent by email within forty-eight (48) hours following the meeting. The allocation of ad hoc funds will be made four (4) weeks prior the start of your event. An email will be sent indicating whether the cheque was mailed or ready to be picked up at the reception as selected in Section B of the application form.


In the event that your activity is cancelled, and you received cash funding for such activity, a full refund must be made to the Township within 30 days of the cancellation.


Applications either by mail or in person are to be addresses to the following:

Parks and Recreation Department

Township of Russell

717 Notre Dame St.

Embrun (Ontario) K0A 1W1

Or by fax at (613) 443-1042 to the attention of the Parks and Recreation Department;

Or by email at

Evaluation Report

Any organization receiving a preapproved or new grant, either in-kind or money, from the Township of Russell must complete the evaluation form and return it to us.

  • When the allocation of funds is less than $1,000, the evaluation form must be accompanied by copies of receipts (if applicable) within 30 days of the activity or the end of the event.
  • When the allocation of funds is greater than $1,000, the evaluation form must be accompanied by copies of receipts (if applicable) within 60 days of the activity or the end of the event.

Please note that only the organizations that have fulfilled all requirements and filled out the evaluation report shall be eligible for future applications.

The evaluation report and attachments should be emailed to the Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant.