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Road Construction Projects

Confirmed Road Projects in 2023
YearStreet NameFromToDistanceProject Type


Route 500

St-André Rd St-Catherine Rd 1.19km Surface Treatment


Route 200 St-Guillaume Rd 1.4km West of St-Guillaume Rd 1.4km Paving 


Loucks Dr Maple St  Kinniard St 0.12km Paving 


North Russell Rd 

Route 200 Burton Rd 0.3km Paving


Route 400 South Russell Rd Wade Rd 0.63km Paving 


Wade Rd Castor St Sujack St 0.3km Paving 


Blais St

Notre-Dame St St-Jean Baptiste St 0.74km  Paving 
2023 Bay St St-Guillaume Rd New York Central Ave 0.72km Paving 


Industrial Rd

Bay St Notre-Dame St 0.21km Paving 

New York Central Ave

Bay St Dead end 0.39km Paving 
2023 Entreprise Rd Burton Rd St-Guillaume Rd 0.86km Paving 


Clement St

Entreprise Rd Entreprise Rd 0.97km Paving 
2023 Universelle St Clement St Dead end 0.16km Paving 
2023 Commerce St Clement St Dead end 0.09km Paving 

Project type descriptions:

  • Surfacing or overlay – add a pavement layer ("lift")

  • Resurfacing – remove and replace the pavement structure

  • Rehabilitation  – road reconstruction

Capital Projects

Below is a list of some key projects that were budgeted.

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For more budget information on capital projects, visit our Budget page.

 2021 Capital Projects

 The following is a list of 2021 Capital Projects.

  • PM Insight Software
  • HR and Payroll Module
  • Financial System - Great Plains Update
  • Townhall Windows North/West side
  • Historical Site Plaques
  • Computer Fleet Replacement and Network
  • Message Board
  • Update present message board
  • Replacement of 2000 GMC Tanker (T200)
  • Asphalt Replacement - Parking Lot
  • Security Cameras
  • Replace SUV Vehicle
  • Pave path at dog park
  • Truck Replacement (F450)
  • Speed radar
  • Sidewalk Major Repair (330m of 700m )
  • Crack sealing
  • Paving Church St
  • Paving Richelieu St
  • Paving Heritage St
  • Small St-Joseph Bridge
  • Route 200, North Russell to Eadie Rd
  • Route 200, Hamilton Rd to North Russell
  • Route 200, 1.4 km east of Eadie Rd
  • Route 400, South Russell to MacDonald
  • Eadie, castor to Route 200
  • Route 400, St-Jacques à St-Joseph
  • North Russell, Route 200 to Campbell Cr
  • Road Paving - segments to be determined
  • Route 400 Bridge
  • Streetlight at St-Thomas/ Notre-Dame
  • Embrun Lagoon Sludge Removal - (Cell 3)
  • Russell Lagoon Sludge removal
  • Aeration Cell #3 Embrun
  • Sewer installation - Alain and Sophie St
  • Sewer installation Daze/Pincourt
  • Storm Sewer Repair
  • Craig Street Storm replacement
  • Storm upgrade on Richelieu/ Heritage St
  • Pond assessment and clean up
  • Valve repair/replacement
  • Scada Upgrade Embrun Tower
  • Water reservoir expension
  • Marionville Booster SCADA upgrade
  • Office repair (window replacement)
  • Admin Vehicle
  • Bike Trail Safety Crossings
  • Russell tennis court resurfacing
  • Outdoor rink rebuild
  • Gazebo Installation near Train Station
  • Playstructure 2021
  • Skatepark Structure
  • Hall Restoration
  • Storage Shed/Container
  • LED Replacement Fixtures
  • Ford F-150 Replacement
  • Olympia/Zamboni Ice Resurfacer
  • Compressor Change 1 & 2
  • Flooring in Lobby washrooms and dressing rooms
  • Storm drain and paving North side of Arena
  • Safety Exhaust Louvers/CO Sensors
  • Paving Parking lot
  • Front Door Entrance Replacement
  • Interior Pool Painting
  • Recreation Complex - Site Development
  • Construction of new road
  • Revitatalisation or the main street
  • Books and DVD's
  • Equipment and Furniture
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software

2022 Capital Projects


  • Salt box spreader
  • Front end Loader (extra snow removal equipment)
  • Snow Dump Facility
  • Roundabout construction at St-Pierre Road and St-Guillaume Road (if the Township receives grant funding)
  • Design of a roundabout at Route 300 and Limoges Road
  • Design of a roundabout at Route 300 and St-Guillaume Road
  • Design of a roundabout at St-Pierre Road and St-Guillaume Road
  • Route 400 bridge repairs
  • St-André Road bridge repairs 
  • Sidewalk replacements
  • Accessibility improvements to pathways and sidewalks
  • Sidewalk from Recreational Trail to Hybrid Street
  • Craig Street storm sewer replacement
  • Storm sewer repair at various locations
  • Municipal drain relocation

Recreation and Culture:

  • Russell tennis court resurfacing
  • Gazebo installation near old Train Station in Embrun
  • Shingle Replacement Storage Building/Outdoor rink Shack
  • Permanent Pitchers Mound Richilieu
  • Russell Ball Diamond LED Lights
  • New Rubber Flooring Embrun Arena
  • New LED Sign at the Embrun Arena Entrance
  • HVAC Replacement at the Camille Piché Community Centre
  • Ford F-150 Replacement at the Russell Arena
  • Compressor #1 Change - Oil Separator at the Russell Arena
  • Working Platform Installation under Dehumidifier at the Russell Arena
  • Dehumidifier Replacement at the Russell Arena
  • Front Entrance Flooring/Bathroom renovations at the Russell Arena
  • New Ice Resurfacer for the Russell Arena
  • Paving Side Entrance at the Marionville Community Centre Hall
  • Bathroom Renovations at the Russell Sports and Youth Centre
  • Replacement of the pool heater
  • Safety Netting Add-On at the Sports Dome

Library Services

  • Books and DVDs
  • Computer Hardware

Planning and Development:

  • Comprehensive Review of the Official Plan
  • Extension of Emard street in 417 indsutrial park
  • Hydro extension, natural gas extension, and streetlights on Emard street
  • New directional sign / 417 industrial park
  • Revitatalisation of main street
  • Parklet furniture

Public Safety and Enforcement:

  • Corporate security
  • Message board

Fire Services

  • Bunker Gear for Embrun Fire Station
  • Replacement of 2000 GMC Tanker for Embrun Fire Station
  • Helmet 10 year replacement for the Russell Fire Station
  • Asphalt repair in the back parking lot of the Russell Fire Station


  • Historical Site Plaques

Information and Technology:

  • Computer Fleet Replacement and Network

  • Toughbooks

Conservation Authority:

  • South Nation Shoreline Restauration


  • Sharepoint Software
  • Payables Module
  • HVAC work at Town Hall

When Will My Road Get Paved?

Many roads in the Township need to be updated. We prioritize the roads we improve using the engineer's recommendations in our 2019 Infrastructure Assessment Report. Roads were ranked for construction based on the condition, speed limits, traffic volume and best investment.

Below are roads we expect to improve until 2026. The timelines in this list are not final. Actual roads that will be improved will be chosen by Council based on money in the budget and other priorities.

 Potential Road Construction in 2024


The roads in the list below are not final. Actual roads that will be improved will be chosen by Council based on money in the budget and other priorities.


Potential Road Construction Projects in 2024
YearStreet NameFromToLengthProject Type


George Warner Eldon  0.377km  Resurfacing 
2024 Centenaire Châteauguay Alain 0.144km Resurfacing 


St-Augustin Notre-Dame Forget 0.114km Resurfacing


Dazé Pincourt Merlin 0.103km Resurfacing


Bay St-Guillaume New York Central 0.267km Resurfacing


First Concession First Ave 0.08km Resurfacing


Wade Castor Sujack 0.6km Resurfacing


Campbell Concession 200m West of Concession 0.2km Resurfacing


Alain Centenaire Sophie 0.097km Resurfacing
2024  Olympic St-Pierre Menard 0.086km Resurfacing
2024  Blais Notre-Dame Castlebeau 0.257km Resurfacing
2024  St-Augustin Forget Centenaire 0.193km Resurfacing
2024  George Kinnaird Eadie 0.285km Resurfacing
2024  Du Parc Church 60m South of Des Pins 0.293km Resurfacing
2024  Des Pins 40m East of Stiver, East Leg Du Parc 0.424km Resurfacing
2024  Ménard Loiselle Olympic 0.282km Micro Resurfacing
2024  Manoir Filion Châteauguay 0.154km Micro Resurfacing
2024  Filion Manoir 100m East of Manoir 0.103km Micro Resurfacing
2024  Frontenac Louis Riel La Citadelle 0.095km Micro Resurfacing
2024  Mill  Castor  Concession 0.3km Resurfacing
2024  Lancelot Lachaine  Merlin 0.203km Micro Resurfacing
2024 Mill Parallel Castor 0.31km Resurfacing
2024 St Jean Baptiste Lamadeleine Labelle 0.094km Micro Resurfacing
2024 Louis Riel Lapointe Frontenac 0.086km Micro Resurfacing
2024 Louis Riel La Croisée Centenaire 0.075km Micro Resurfacing
2024 Kinnaird George Louks 0.095km Micro Resurfacing


 Potential Road Construction in 2025


The roads in the list below are not final. Actual roads that will be improved will be chosen by Council based on money in the budget and other priorities.


Potential Road Construction Projects in 2025

YearStreet NameFromToLengthProject Type


Bourassa Ste-Jeanne Darc St-Jean Baptiste 0.153km  Micro Resurfacing 
2025 Brisson St-Jean Baptiste 233m West of St-Jean Baptiste 0.233 Micro Resurfacing
2025 St-Jacques Ste-Thérèse Notre-Dame 0.495km


2025 Centenaire Notre-Dame Châteauguay 0.103km


2025 Rembrandt Normandie Normandie 0.415km


2025 Maple Concession First Ave 0.078km


2025 Chantal Menard Menard 0.192km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 La Citadelle Centenaire Frontenac 0.217km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 Radisson Lachaine Centenaire 0.53km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 Frontenac La Citadelle Centenaire 0.306km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 Louis Riel Frontenac La Croisée 0.145km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 Labelle St-Jean Baptiste Lamadeleine 0.276km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 Lachaine Lancelot Merlin 0.307km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 Lachaine Merlin Pincourt 0.099km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 Main Concession Parallel 0.13km

Micro Resurfacing

2025 First Castor First 0.12km Micro Resurfacing


 Potential Road Construction in 2026


The roads in the list below are not final. Actual roads that will be improved will be chosen by Council based on money in the budget and other priorities.

Potential Road Construction Projects in 2026
YearStreet NameFromToLengthProject Type


Route 400 St-Joseph Road St-Edouard Road




Cousineau Crescent George Street 65m North of George Street 0.065km Resurfacing