Economic Development Strategic Plan Front PageThe Economic Development Strategic Plan helps create a strategy to lead our local economy in the direction we want to see.

To build a local economy that everyone can be proud of, we commit to:

  • Caring for businesses and residents to make sure they are healthy, successful, and satisfied;
  • Working to grow our business community without sacrificing our rural charm and quality of life;
  • Continuing our relationships with businesses and residents; and
  • Finding solutions instead of barriers.

Our Economic Development Strategic Plan shows how the Township and our partners can work together to improve employment, support for business, and investment opportunities that will benefit the community.

Economic Development Strategic Plan 2018

The Township of Russell is working towards making this document into an accessible format. If you require communicative support for this document, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator.

Our goals are based on four objectives:

  • Improving our readiness for attracting investors;
  • Actively pursuing retail, personal, and food service attraction that best fit our community;
  • Continuing to promote our Township as the best place for investment; and
  • Improving the involvement and communication with local businesses.