Our photography club gives local photographers and enthusiasts with a means to express their creativity by capturing photos within the Township of Russell. Our club members meet, socialize, and practice photography.

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Would you like to join our local photography club? All skill levels are welcome! Join the Photo Club Facebook Group to get started.

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  • To collect a bank of images that the Township can use to promote itself, its people and events on a variety of mediums;
  • To provide local photographers and enthusiasts with a means to express their creativity and be recognized through photography; and,
  • To promote local photographers with credit provided in all publications.
 Details for Club Members
  • Photographs shared in the facebook group may be used for Township-related marketing collateral with permission. In the case that photos are used, credit will be given. If credit is accidentally forgotten, contact the Communications Department.
  • Public communication – use your common sense when posting to the public group.
  • No commercial posting, and no videos.
  • Club meetings will be coordinated through the mediators to discuss new projects and socialize.
  • Members are encouraged to organize meetings/outings together to practice photography and socialize.

Photo Expo

Congratulations to the 2022 Photo Expo Winners! See their submissions below. 

The Photo Contest and Expo is a partnership with the Russell Agricultural Society and the Township of Russell. A special thanks to the School of the Photographic Arts for sponsoring additional prizes for each winner.

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Colourful Fair booth at night
Megan Leithead

Bright Lights

woman a face in water
Josh Madore

Ocean Eyes

Dragonfly on a stump
Damien Manoni-Millar

Dragonfly on a Stump

Guillaume Doyon

Nature at Stake