The fitness trail will be closed from Valoris Street to the Castor Street crossing (West of the dog park). The closure will be in effect from Monday, January 17th until Friday, February 25th. Workers will be present during this time to install buried fiberoptic cable along the fitness trail. We ask the public to avoid using this section of the trail until the work is complete. We will advise if the work is complete prior to the estimated completion date. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.
The New York Central Recreational Trail is located between the villages of Embrun and Russell. The trail covers a total of 10 km between 901 Notre Dame Street, Embrun, and 290 Route 200, Russell.

The trail is ideal for walking, running, cycling or rollerblading.

The trail is completely paved and accessible to all.


Safety regulations

  1. Stop at all crossings until it is safe to cross.
  2. Keep right and pass on the left when the path is clear.
  3. Use a horn, bell or voice when signalling to pass others.
  4. Stand to the side of the trail if you stop.

Regulations for the respect of the trail and users

  1. Keep the trail clean: use the garbage cans for your waste.
  2. Keep the trail clean: pick up your dog's feces.
  3. Keep animals under control (dog on leash at all times).
  4. No trespassing.

Other regulations

  1. No motor vehicles permitted (snowmobiles, four-wheelers, etc.)
  2. No horses allowed.
  3. No smoking, including electronic cigarettes.


Free parking is available at various locations:

Report a fallen tree or other incident

To report a fallen tree or other incident, please follow one of the following steps:

  • Send an email to the Recreation Operations Manager.
  • Call 613-443-3066 extension 2338.
  • If the tree completely blocks access to the trail on the weekend, call 613-443-3066 extension 8.


The New York Central Recreational Trail is the former railway, which was used from 1898 to 1957. The Township of Russell acquired the trail in 1979 to convert it to a recreational trail.