A fire permit is required if you want to burn wood materials (also known as open-air burning). Campfires do not require a permit. Always follow our Fire By-Law.

Read the Fire By-Law

Fire Permits

You need to submit an application for a fire permit at least 24 hours before doing any open-air burning. Fire permits cost $30. You can pay in person or by mail to Town Hall.

To get a permit, contact our Public Safety and Enforcement Department.

Fire Bans

If there is a fire ban in effect, no fires are allowed, even with a permit. It is your responsibility to check for fire bans.

See latest Fire Ban Notices

Visit and subscribe to our Fire Ban Notices page for the latest updates or contact our Public Safety and Enforcement Department for fire ban information.

Fire Regulations and Requirements

Before lighting a fire, please read the rules and regulations below. The full list of regulations is available in our Fire By-Law. 

Read the Fire By-Law

General Rules Fire Permits

  • A permit is valid for 3 days if the property is less than 10 acres, and 3 months for a property of 10 acres or more;
  • Fire permits are not valid if there is a Fire Ban in effect;
  • You need to have resources readily available on site to control an out-of-hand fire;
  • Have a person that is at least 18 years of age supervising the fire at all times;
  • Extinguish your fire before the sunset;
  • If you are in one of these areas, you cannot receive a fire permit to burn materials:
    • Within the village limits
    • In a subdivision
    • In a built-up area

What Can I Burn With a Permit?

  • Only wood and wood by-products can be burned.

How Big Can My Fire Be With a Permit?

  • Your fire cannot be larger than 1 cubic meter, unless you are a farmer;
  • The fire must be at least 15 meters from any property lines;
  • The fire must be at least 30 meters from any wooden areas, structures or combustible materials;
  • The fire must be contained in a drum or barrel, or another suitable container.


Campfires must always follow the Fire By-Law.

Read the Fire By-Law 

A campfire must be for keeping warm, cooking food or for recreational enjoyment. Campfires do not require a permit.

The general rules for a campfire are that:

  • It cannot be larger than 0.5 cubic meter;
  • It has to be contained;
  • It cannot cause any nuisance to a neighboring property due to smoke;
  • It cannot be closer than 4.5 meters from any side or rear property lines, structure, brush or wooden area;
  • It is not permitted in a front yard;
  • Someone who is at least 18 years of age must be supervising the fire at all times.

Residents within the village limits or within a subdivision can have small campfires.

Other regulations may apply. Please contact the Public Safety and Enforcement Department for more information.