Get rid of one large item from your home!

For specific dates of this special collection, visit and subscribe to our online events calendar or download the printable Waste Collection Calendar.

Place your item at the end of your driveway for pick-up before 7:00a.m. on Monday, regardless of your regular collection day. Trucks will only drive by once, so make sure your item is out.

Reminders for this collection:

  • You can only have one item per household or one box of items weighing less than 100lbs.
  • Your item must be at the end of your driveway before 7:00a.m. on Monday.
  • Any mirror or broken glass must be in a box.
  • If your item contains Freon (air conditioner, fridge, dehumidifier, freezer, coolers), it must be emptied and tagged by a certified technician or will not be picked up.

Large Items Accepted

  • Fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave;
  • Washing machine, dryer, furnace, barbecue (with propane tank removed);
  • Patio or kitchen set (1 table and 4 chairs);
  • Box spring with mattress, couch;
  • Water tank (emptied).

Large Items Not Accepted

  • Electronics waste (TVs, computer, phones, etc.);
  • Items with Freon;
  • Water softener, pool and accessories;
  • Explosives or highly combustible material;
  • Hazardous waste;
  • Roll of carpet;
  • Car parts (including tires);
  • Construction and renovation materials;
  • Pathological waste, animal carcasses, animal feces;
  • Grass clippings, leaves or branches;
  • Household garbage, and;
  • Recyclable items.

Multiple units are allowed one item per unit (for example an apartment with six units would have six items. Only residences and businesses that use municipal waste pick-up will be serviced.