You need a permit before installing a pool, hot tub, spa, or artificial pond on your property.

Apply for a Permit

The cost of a pool or spa permit is $75.

You will need to submit a:

  • Completed Pool Permit Application; and
  • A sketch of the property showing the distance from the pool or spa and the equipment to the property lines.

Pool Permit Application Form

The above form is not currently remediated for screen readers or assistive technology. If you need assistance, please contact us.


There are many requirements for the installation of a pool or spa in our Pool By-Law that might apply to your property. Please contact the Public Safety and Enforcement Department if you have any questions.

Read the Pool By-Law

Here are the most common requirements:

  • The pool or spa, including the equipment, must be installed at least 1.5 meters from your property line;
  • If there is no fence surrounding your pool or spa, the equipment needs to be installed at least 1 meter from the pool or spa. This is to make sure the equipment does not become a stepping area for someone to access the water;
  • A pool that is at least 1.22 meters in height and that is not bubble shaped (inflatable) or has any angle bracing does not require a fence around it. Depending on the method use to access the water, a fence might still be required;
  • A spa that is less than 1.22 meters in height but has a locking cover does not need a fence to be installed around it;
  • If a fence is required, it has to be at least 1.22 meters in height with no gaps bigger than 4 inches at the bottom or when it meets a structure;
  • Gates have to be at least 1.22 meters in height with a self-closing and self-latching mechanism installed. The latch has to be located at the top of the gate and on the inside of the fence area.

Temporary Pools

  • Temporary pools follow the same regulations as a permanent pool.
  • A regulation fence is required for all inflatable pools and pools with diagonal bracing.


Please contact the Public Safety and Enforcement Department if you have any questions about pool and spa permits.