Featured Business Profile in November 2019

Treat yourself with healthy and delicious meals prepared locally! Kyan Cuisine was founded in January 2019 to promote greener eating through energy and herbal dishes. The company offers a variety of Buddha bowls made from fresh, local and, mostly, organic ingredients. Did you know that several studies show that plant-based eating increases your daily energy and helps prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer?

Not having a wide variety of healthy and vegan meals in the area, the three entrepreneurs Vanessa Viau, Samuel Doucet and Aude Martel, decided to start a business offering a plant-based menu. In order to grow the business further, the team decided to stop online meal sales to focus on developing meals that will be available within a few months in several retail stores in the area of Prescott-Russell and Ottawa. You can already buy the Buddha bowls at the following locations: Marché BoniChoix in Embrun, Foodland in Russell, Joyful Coffee in Rockland, The Broken Kettle in Vankleek Hill. Kyan Cuisine is proud to announce that the team will be serving a meal to high school students in Ottawa as part of the Student Summit for the Earth, which will take place on December 4th. This event inspires students to make a green citizen gesture while promoting a healthy diet.

Samuel Doucet and Aude Martel, also the owners of Kyan Culture Inc., produce fresh microgreens that are found in Kyan Cuisine Inc.'s meals. In each bowl, a portion of cereals, lettuce, protein and vegetables ensures a complete meal to satisfy all appetites.

Since Kyan Cuisine is still a young and growing business, the owners have several projects in sight that will further increase their involvement in the community. The Department of Economic Development is proud that Kyan Cuisine is among our business community and congratulates the team for their work and involvement in the Township of Russell.

Don't wait, go get a meal from Kyan Cuisine and you'll be hooked! You can follow the company on Facebook @KyanCuisine and Instagram. For more information, please call 613 620-3826.