Election Day was Monday, October 24, 2022

The Township of Russell had 15,272 eligible voters and 4,773 (31.3%) voted.
4,327 (90.7%) voted by internet and 446 (9.3%) voted by telephone.

Compliance Report and Review of Financial Statements by Clerk

This report is provided pursuant to section 88.23(4) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 (the Act), as amended which mandates the Clerk to make available to the public a report identifying which candidates have complied with the requirements for filing their financial statements.

After the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections, candidates for the positions of council, trustees, and third-party advertisers had until March 31, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. to file their Financial Statements with the Clerk’s Office where they had registered.

The Clerk’s review of candidate financial statements included: filing date and time, campaign period identified, inclusion of auditor’s report (where required), spending and contributor limits.

Financial Statements Filed in Compliance with the Act
Every candidate registered with the Clerk of the Corporation of the Township of Russell for the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections has submitted their Financial Statements in compliance with Section 88.25 of the Act.

Compliance for Contributors
Any individual who is a resident of Ontario may make a contribution to a Candidate’s campaign or to a registered Third-Party Advertiser.

Individuals can contribute a maximum of $1,200 to a single candidate. This amount includes the value of any goods or services donated to the campaign as well as money. Individuals may not contribute more than $5,000 in total to candidates running for offices on the same council or school board.

Candidates and Registered Third Party Advertisers must write the name and address of each contributor who made a contribution in excess of $100 regardless of whether it was given in cash or in kind.

Pursuant to Section 88.34(1), after examining each Financial Statement, it appears that no contributor has exceeded any of the contribution limits as determined by the Act.

Dated this 25th day of April 2023

Joanne Camiré Laflamme


Update Your Voter Registration

Do you want voting on election day to be quick and easy? Update your information in advance! Visit Elections Ontario’s Voter Registration service to confirm, update or add your information for provincial and local elections in Ontario.


Official Results — 2022 Municipal Elections


Leroux, Pierre



Armstrong, Charles


Baas, Tony


Deacon, Lisa


Greer, Eric


Lalonde, Marc


Laurin, Jamie


Tarnowski, Mike

Police Village of Russell Trustee

Duern Bankley, Julianne


Dyer, Dave


MacMillan, Stephanie


Miller, Mike


St-Jean, Denise

Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l'Est ontarien

Héroux, Jacques


Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario

Wilson, Sue


Upper Canada District School Board

Parisien, Corina 


Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario

Tessier, Pierre 


Accessibility During an Election

The Township of Russell has made great efforts in promoting a barrier free community. The 2022 Municipal Election Accessibility Plan was prepared in order to ensure that the 2022 Municipal Election is consistent with the core principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. Request a copy of the 2022 Municipal Election Accessibility Plan by contacting the Clerk's Elections Office.