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Revised Notice of Study Commencement - August 2023* 

The Water and Wastewater Master Plan 2016 is the Township's plan to ensure drinking water and wastewater services meet our community's needs now and into the future.

It builds on the Township's 2004 Water and Wastewater Master Plan, and other plans and policies made since then.

*The Notice of Study Commencement was revised to update the study area figure to match the Urban Policy Areas for Russell and Embrun as well as the Trade and Industry Policy Areas for the Industrial Park in the Township of Russell based on the recently approved United Counties of Prescott and Russell Official Plan. All other study information in the Notice of Study Commencement remains unchanged.

Water and Wastewater Master Plan 2016

The Water and Wastewater Master Plan 2016 is based on three objectives:

  • To provide reliable water and wastewater services to accommodate the projected residential, commercial, institutional and industrial development in the communities of Russell, Embrun and Marionville;
  • To provide water and wastewater to our Highway 417 Industrial Park; and,
  • To define our Township's water and wastewater infrastructure requirements to the year 2031.