Due Dates

Property taxes are due between the 25th and 27th of March, May, September, and November.

Did you know? The property taxes you pay are split between the Township, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, and the school board of your choice.

Payment Options

Pre-Authorized Payments

Avoid the task of remembering due dates, waiting in line or risking late fees by registering for our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

Our Finance Department can arrange monthly withdrawals from your bank account for your property tax payments.

For more information please visit our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan page


 We also offer e-billing services.

Through Your Bank

You can pay your property taxes at any financial institution using on-line banking, telephone banking, or paying in person at the bank branch.


  • When paying through online or telephone banking, please use the full 19-digit roll number, including the “0000” without the dashes.
  • Make your payment at least 3 business days before the property tax due date so that we receive your payment before late fees apply.

At Town Hall

You can pay your property taxes in-person at Town Hall using:

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Interac

Cheques must have the tax roll number on the front and bill payment stub attached. Cheques should be made payable to the “Township of Russell”.

Use our 24-hour Outdoor Dropbox to deliver your property tax payment in an envelope. The Dropbox is to the left of the main doors of Town Hall.

If you are sending your payment by mail, allow enough mailing time to avoid the chance of late payment charges.

Returned/Rejected Payments and Penalties

All returned or rejected payments are charged a fee of $25. This includes not-sufficient funds and stopped payments. All late payments are charged a late fee of 1.25% monthly, charged on the first day of each month until paid.

Change of Mailing Address or E-Mail Address

Please notify our Finance Department as soon as possible if there you have a change of address or P.O box number. Failure to receive a tax bill will not invalidate penalty and interest charges. 

Reprint a Tax Bill

A fee of $5 will be charged for a reprint of a tax bill. Please keep your bill in a safe place; you may need it for income tax purposes.

Tax Certificates

A tax certificate shows the current tax status of a property and the status of the water/waste water account if applicable. Send a written request to the Tax Department along with a cheque for $70 by mail to the Township of Russell at 717 Notre Dame Street, Embrun ON, K0A 1W1. Cheques should be made payable to the Township of Russell. If your request is urgent please send your letter by email to the Finance Department.

Tax Rates

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the rates posted below. For official or legal requirements, please confirm rates with our Finance Department.

2022 Tax Rates by Property Class
Tax Class Description Class Municipal (%) Counties (%) School (%) Fire Protection (%) Total (%)



0.00426800 0.00153000 0.00009266 0.01117829
Multi-Residential MT 0.00846110 0.00682880 0.00153000 0.00009266 0.01691200
New Construction Multi-Residential NT 0.00528819 0.00426800 0.00153000  0.00009266 0.01117829
Commercial, Shopping Centre, Parking lot CT,ST,GT, ZT (PIL CF CH XF) 0.00762028 0.00615018 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.02266256
Commercial, Shopping Centre - Vacant Unit Excess Land CU, SU 0.00762028 0.00615018  0.00880000 0.00009266  0.02266256
Commercial - Vacant Land EX 0.00762028 0.00615018 0.00880000  0.00009266  0.02266256
Commercial - New Construction


0.00762028 0.00615018 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.02266256
Commercial Vacant Unit Excess Land / New Construction XU, XX, ZU 0.00762028 0.00615018 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.02266256 
Industrial IT IH (PIL = IG no ed, IF) 0.01293963 0.01044334 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.03160641
Industrial - Vacant Unit Excess Land IU 0.01293963 0.01044334 0.00880000  0.00009266  0.03227507
Industrial Vacant Land IX (PIL - IK) 0.0193963 0.01044334 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.03227507
Industrial, New Construction JT 0.01293963 0.0044334 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.03227507
Industrial - Vacant Unit Excess Land, New Construction JU JX 0.01293963 0.01044334 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.03227507
Pipeline PT 0.00748696 0.00604259 0.00880000 0.00009266  0.02242165
Farmlands FT 0.00132205 0.00106700 0.00038250   0.00009266 0.00286365
Managed Forests TT 0.00132205 0.00106700 0.00038250 0.00009266  0.00286365

The 2023 tax rates will be available in June of 2023.