Strategic PlanThe Strategic Plan has a major influence on the Township's actions over the next four years. The Plan categorizes the strategies we need to take to achieve our goals.

Briefly, the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan identifies the following:

  • Core Values: In pursuit of our mission and vision, we believe in respect, accountability, transparency, responsible leadership, and balanced growth
  • Vision: The best place to live when planning your future
  • Mission: Provide efficient adaptive services to continually improve our Community's quality of life

Pillars and Strategies

The Township's 2019-2022 Strategic Plan has five pillars of focus, each with their own list of strategies.

Renew and Expand Infrastructure

Our strategies to renew and expand infrastructure are:

  1. Complete with UCPR the work between Enterprise Street to St-Guillaume Corridor near 417 Industrial Park
  2. Service the 417 Industrial Park based on a Business Plan
  3. Service the Limoges Commercial and Residential area based on a Business Plan
  4. Prepare financial plan for the development of new phases in the 417 Industrial Park
  5. Complete design and be shovel ready for Recreation Complex
  6. Complete development of Richelieu Park
  7. Implement short-term recommendations of Cycling Study
  8. Address Recreation Trail Encroachment issues
  9. Little league baseball fields feasibility study
  10. Feasibility Study and construction of the new snow dump facility
  11. Stormwater, Water, Wastewater, Roads, Parks and Recreation Masterplans
  12. Implement routine municipal asset condition assessement protocols
  13. Develop a detailed level of service framework for all asset categories
  14. Develop lifecycle frameworks for all core infrastructure
  15. Develop a corporate risk management framework
  16. Implement relocation Action Plan of Embrun Library by 2020
  17. Expand Electronic Signage on municipal properties with public/private funding
  18. Construction of building for UCPR Paramedic station
  19. Repurposing of former Paramedic station
  20. Assess opportunities and determine future of old train station in Embrun
  21. Make decision on paving more gravel roads
  22. Construction of Accessible park with public/private funding

Foster Health and Inclusive Communities

Our strategies to foster health and inclusive communities are:

  1. Adoption and Implementation of heritage district area designation for the Village of Russell
  2. Review and update of the Parks Policy
  3. Review the possible expansion of daycare services
  4. Complete Safety and Information signage at all roundabouts and crossings
  5. Offer Program Start-up (Cardiac rehabilitation program) at the Sports Dome
  6. Revamp the New Frontiers program
  7. Completion of the Community Safety and Well Being Policy
  8. Preservation of urban tree by-law
  9. Investigate alternative sites for tree planting and promote diversity of species
  10. Adoption of planting of trees plan on municipal properties
  11. Assessment of composting program and decision on its implementation
  12. Update Municipality's Energy Plan
  13. Keep investing with the Energy Fund in order to achieve our goal of reducing 5% our greenhouse gas emissions
  14. Revision of Community Grants program policy
  15. Adopt creation of Youth and Senior committees
  16. Conduct Fire Department Master Plan
  17. Climate change Readiness (develop action plan, requirements, standards, municipal grant program on climate change initiatives)
  18. Identify project for dedication to Jonathan Pitre
  19. Review compliance of public buildings to Accessibility Act
  20. Organize and hold Volunteer Recognition Awards and/or events
  21. Review pedestrian safety measures
  22. Historical signs program (site specific, along the trail, street flag program)

Grow Local Economy

Our strategies to grow local economy are:

  1. Hold “Lunch and Learn” on topics from the “opportunities Prescott and Russell opportunités (OPRO)” final report
  2. Implement recommendations from the action plan in the market analysis study
  3. Encourage more get together events like Local Flavours Rendez-Vous by fostering the
  4. creation of new economic development events
  5. Actively enhance business stakeholder engagement and communications by initiating an economic development consultation committee
  6. Develop buying local initiatives
  7. Create one or more Business Improvement Areas (BIA)
  8. Create a business incubator hub
  9. Develop an Affordable Housing Strategy
  10. Implement recommendations of the streetscape master plan for main streets in Russell and Embrun
  11. Develop a community improvement plan (CIP) for the 417 Industrial park
  12. Update and continue the promotion of the CIP for the Village cores

Apply Strategic Financial Management

Our strategies to apply financial strategic management are:

  1. Foster an environment to increase the commercial and industrial assessment base above the 2018 benchmark
  2. Continue developing Infrastructure Fund Strategy so to reduce Infrastructure Asset Replacement Deficit by 20% of 2019 levels by end of year 2022
  3. Update the reserve management policy
  4. Adopt a five-year financial plan for Major Capital Projects
  5. Update the Water and Sewer Rates financial model and proceed with adjusting our Water and Sewer rates (as required)
  6. Complete next Development Charges Study and Community Benefit Charges by 2020
  7. Conduct an insurance protection risk assessment and proceed with ensuring proper insurance coverage for our needs
  8. Agreement on a water bulk rate with City of Ottawa

Provide Service Excellence

Our strategies to provide service excellence are:

  1. Optimize transit ridership and service from the Township to Ottawa
  2. Explore opportunities for Building Department extended office hours to serve our residents
  3. Develop an accessible portal for planning and building applicants
  4. Identification and Review of municipality's processes and policies to identify and remove “red tape”
  5. Implement a business registry and business improvement association (BIA) to enhance business relationship and engagement
  6. Conduct Public Safety and Enforcement Service review
  7. Establish a maintenance and replacement plan and implement a policy for the Township's security and access control of its facilities
  8. Review the accepted methods of payment offered at all our establishments
  9. Offer an online interface for the public to consult and pay their Township invoices (taxes, water and sewer, other)
  10. Completion of the Business continuity plan
  11. Town Hall expansion assessment
  12. Explore the renaming of the municipality as part of the development of a new corporate branding strategy.
  13. Enhance Website experience.
  14. Completion of new engineering standards.
  15. Action plan for spending provincial efficiency funding.
  16. Explore additional bilingual services for Council meetings.
  17. Revise/update communication policy including level of service.
  18. Explore governance models for number of councillors and representation.
  19. Review succession planning for department heads.