Council’s vision for the Township of Russell is a collaborative, connected and sustainable community for everyone.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan focuses on six strategies that will guide the direction of the Township for many years to come.

Bold Leadership

We will be known as a bold leader among our peers.


  • Develop a growth plan for the 417 Industrial Park, to include a sustainable Financial plan and available investment-ready land.
  • Implement a climate change action plan by Dec 2023 (Net zero).
  • Complete the design and construction of the Recreation Complex by December 2026.
  • The increasing professionalization of the Township of Russell Fire Service will culminate with adherence to Ontario qualifications and certifications by December 2025.
  • Develop and implement an organic waste program by December 2023.
  • Address speeding issues in the Township by assessing specific geographic areas of concern and implementing a speed photo radar program.

Innovation and Collaboration

We will prioritize innovation and collaboration in service delivery models and processes.


  • By December 2024, develop a performance measurement system which supports strategic and operational decision making and resource allocation, based on data analytics as well as other factors.
  • By September 2023, develop a deliberate inter-departmental collaboration program to enhance seamless planning and execution of Township programs, projects and initiatives.
  • By December 2023, review by-laws older than five years from all departments & prepare Omnibus By-law.
  • By December 2026, review all by-laws/policies/procedures older than five years from Clerk Department or relating to Council.
  • By December 2026, offer innovative and accessible methods for residents and businesses to consult and pay invoices from the Township of Russell.
  • By June 2023, plan and implement a community communications program to ensure residents are engaged and aware of changes to delivery models and processes.
  • Continue utilizing up to date technology to optimize our Financial operations.
  • By April 2024 review and revise the Township records management system.
  • By December 2026, update, develop and implement Standard Operating Guidelines as identified in the Township of Russell Fire Master Plan 2020-2024.
  • By June 2024, develop a joint policy and procedure with the building department as it relates to the review of Fire Protection Equipment during the building permit stage.
  • Develop a clear and consistent communication plan and tools to assist the planning application process.
  • Implement innovative and interactive online tools to promote local businesses and attract new businesses.
  • Optimize the online reservation system for Township recreation facilities by July 2024.
  • By December 2023, fully automate the Reports for Approval Process & Workflow Automation System through Microsoft SharePoint Software for Council Agenda’s Packages.
  • Transition virtually all Township Administration activities and processes to a paperless environment by December 2023.

Long-Term and Sustainable Planning

The future will be supported by long-term and sustainable fiscal and administrative planning.


  • By December 2025, create a capacity to invest in the development of new infrastructure with the purpose of creating available, serviced commercial and industrial lands to be developed.
  • By July 2025, complete a long-term plan for 100% sustainability of our existing assets and infrastructure.
  • Complete a review and revision of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan by December 31, 2023.
  • Create resources and tools that enable workforce empowerment.
  • Make investment-ready land available in the 417 Industrial park that focuses on Job creation.
  • Review Township master plans to reflect new urban boundaries and supporting service requirements by December 2024.
  • Throughout the Strategic Plan period, deliver on major capital projects and initiatives while maintaining responsible levels of Municipal Debt and Reserves.
  • Throughout the Strategic Plan period, ensure proper Financial planning is present to respond to capacity needs coming from growth.
  • By December 2023, 90% of projects and new initiatives substantively involve at least two Township departments in the planning and execution of the initiative.
  • Maximize the availability of grants from the provincial, federal or other agency sources.
  • By September 2023, develop a Township of Russell Fire Prevention Policy based on the recommendations from the Township of Russell Fire Master Plan 2020-2024 and the Township of Russell Fire Community Risk Assessment, and then submit for approval by Council.
  • By September 2023, update the Establishing & Regulating Bylaw for the Township of Russell Fire Service, and then submit for approval by Council.
  • Draft new Park and recreation bylaw , replace with a new updated by law to address issues that are presently not in the existing outdated by law.
  • Establish a user-fee program to support the Township storm water sewer system by December 2025.
  • By December 2025, optimize our user-fee revenue while maintaining competitive rates for our programming.
  • Complete a staff retention plan to support growth of Township daycare services.

Sustainable Development and Community Character

We will focus on sustainable development while promoting the character of our community.


  • By the end of December 2023, complete a review of the official plan of the Township of Russell.
  • Evaluate the option of servicing the 417 industrial park.
  • Foster an environment to increase the commercial and industrial assessment base above the 2022 benchmark.
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with community organizations.
  • The Township commits to a program which enhances the protection and expansion of its existing tree coverage, while recognizing the need to consider this objective in the context of residential, and commercial development requirements.
  • The development of our community will consider the promotion and support of active transportation within the Township.
  • Foster programs to enhance volunteerism in our community.
  • Increase beautification through community and business partnerships.
  • Complete an evaluation regarding the demand for, and the feasibility of expanding the Township’s access to public transit.
  • Make our municipal buildings ecofriendly and more energy efficient.
  • Promote a working environment without paper in prioritizing digital documentation, signatures and smart forms.
  • By July 2023, we will establish a specific communications campaign to promote active transportation, reduction of carbon emissions and recycling.
  • The Township will commit to encouraging and supporting the enhancement of electric vehicle use by Administration and residents.
  • East York Rehabilitation Renoir Area.

Empathy, Trust, and Equity for All

We will foster empathy, trust and equity in every initiative supporting residents, businesses and Township staff.


  • Township leadership is reflective of current leadership philosophy and practices, emphasizing initiative, risk taking and delegated decision making.
  • By December 2026, be recognized as a leading employer in the region and within industry in order to attract and retain a workforce reflective of the skills and diversity of the municipality.
  • The Township will examine its initiatives and activities through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.
  • Complete constitution of all Township community committees by April 2023.
  • Support our existing businesses and attract new investors.
  • By December 2024, develop a talent and upskilling employee capabilities program.
  • Coordinate with representative treaty holders regarding the stewardship of our treaty and unceded territory.

Safe, Healthy, and Accessible Development

Our community will develop in a safe, healthy and accessible manner.


  • Encourage and support economic growth within the community.
  • Rehabilitation of Township infrastructure to include implementation accessibility requirements and standards (all capital projects will have a specific accessibility appendix) by Oct 2023.
  • Work towards a vision zero approach (traffic calming, pedestrian crossing) by Dec 2026.
  • Develop a sustainable program to improve road conditions throughout the Township.
  • Continue to expand daycare services to meet the expanding needs of our community.
  • Work with mandated partners to attract additional medical services to our township.
  • Work with mandated partners in the creation of an affordable housing strategy encompassing Russell Township.
  • By July 2024, develop and implement an action plan for the implementation of the Township of Russell Fire Community Risk Assessment.
  • Complete condition assessments for both arenas and other recreation buildings.
  • Continue to develop access to park space for dogs.
  • Improve safety and security in our parks.
  • Secure Township infrastructure through various modern security practices.
  • Support the security of our community through the implementation of a Police Services Board to meet the new community safety and policing act.
  • Offer the New Frontiers Program to youth with disabilities.

The objectives of the Strategic Plan are based on priorities residents were looking for when they elected their new Council.

Although the Strategic Plan does not capture everything the Township does each day for residents, it sets clear strategies to help achieve our goals. It is through the annual budget process that you will see Council’s Strategic Plan come to life, including details on timing, spending, and accountability.