Featured Business Profile in August 2021

Have you ever noticed the magnificent artwork painted on the silo of the Ferme Michel Dignard and Jeannette Mongeon Farm located on St-Guillaume Road in Embrun? This silo is part of the Popsilos tour which takes you through a total of seven farm silos in the Prescott and Russell region. This tourism experience is unique in Canada and attracts people from far and wide to explore the region and learn about agriculture. Michel and Jeannette, the owners of this farm, invite you to tour the silos, discover local products and visit theirs between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. seven days a week.

Formerly a dairy farm for 47 years, a poultry farm, a rabbit farm and now, a crop producer, the owners have acquired extensive expertise in all areas of agriculture. A few years ago, the owners also started beekeeping to make their own honey. Their five hives are not meeting the demand, therefore Jeannette and Michel anticipate doubling their number of hives in the near future in order to increase their production. Their sweet honey is loved by so many because of its blend of local pollen and blueberry plants.

The owners of this farm are very much involved in the community. Both sit on various committees and associations related to agriculture. In addition, Jeannette is a member of the Embrun Community and Business Watch. The Department of Economic Development is proud that the Ferme Michel Dignard and Jeannette Mongeon Farm is among our business community and congratulates the owners on their work and involvement in the Township of Russell.

The farm is located at 591 St-Guillaume Road in Embrun. For more information, you can visit www.popsilos.ca and consult their Facebook page. You can contact Michel and Jeannette at 613-443-2671 and they will be happy to discuss agriculture with you.

Advice to young entrepreneurs: Be persistent.