There are flashing lights, known as beacons, at the pedestrian crossing at the Embrun roundabout.

The flashing beacons give pedestrians the right-of-way. Vehicles are required to stop for pedestrians crossing the roundabout, even if pedestrians do not activate the beacon lights.

Rules for the Embrun Roundabout Pedestrian Crossover

If you are a pedestrian or cyclist, you must:

  • Get down from your bike and walk your bike across;
  • Show drivers you want to cross by making the beacon flash, using the button;
  • Make sure drivers see you before you step out onto the crosswalk;
  • Only cross when traffic has come to a complete stop and it is safe to do so.

If you are a driver:

  • You must give right-of-way to pedestrians, since this crossover has a flashing beacon, even if they do not activate the beacon;
  • You can only continue to drive through the roundabout after all pedestrians have fully crossed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ministry of Transportation says vehicles should not stop in the roundabout. Doesn't this pedestrian crossover go against this rule?

At this roundabout, pedestrians using the crossover have the right-of-way since there is a flashing beacon setup, even if they do not activate the beacon.

Yes, normally there is no stopping in a roundabout, however the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) calls for this setup when there is a pedestrian crossing at a roundabout, "trumping" the typical rules of a roundabout.

This crossing is a "Pedestrian Crossover Level 2 Type C", as recommended by the MTO.

You will find the recommendation for this crossing in table 6 of the MTO Pedestrian Crossing Manual in Book 15 (published in 2016).

You will notice this same type of crossing in Orleans.

Who has the right-of-way at the roundabout?

Pedestrians have the right-of-way, since this crossover has a flashing beacon, even if they do not activate the beacon.

Cyclists must get down from their bike and walk their bike across.

Vehicles must wait until all pedestrians have fully crossed their side of the crossover.

Is the pedestrian crossing at the roundabout accessible?

Yes! The roundabout is fully accessible.