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It can take 10-15 seconds for the Virtual Russell portal to load.

Do you wish you had access to your property tax and/or utility accounts online? Register for Virtual Russell!

You can also change your mailing address, sign up for eBilling, and more.

Payment options remain the same; online payments are not yet available.

Creating an Account

To create an account, you will need either:

  • your property address, 19-digit roll number, and a name on your property tax billl; or,
  • your utility customer account number and a name on the bill.

Only property owners can create a Virtual Russell account. Tenants cannot create an account.

Watch this quick demo video on how to create an account!

Steps to create your account:

  1. Visit the Create an Account page in the Virtual Russell portal.
  2. Choose a username, password and email address.
  3. Click the button that says "Next".
  4. Choose a Registration Account Type from the drop-down menu. This is an account registered in your name that can confirm your identify for your online account. You have the option of using a Property Tax Account, Public Utilities Account, or General Receivables Account. 
  5. Provide the information required for the account type.
  6. Click the button that says "Next".
  7. Check your email. You will receive a link to activate your new account — click on the link to confirm your registration.

Key tips when registering for your account:

  • Your username can only have a maximum of 15 characters
  • Your password must:
    • have at least 8 characters;
    • contain upper and lowercase letters;
    • have at least 1 number; and,
    • have at least 1 symbol.
  • You can only use the name of one property owner to verify your identity. It must be written exactly as it appears on the bill.
Deleting an Account

If you are moving and no longer want a Virtual Russell account, please contact our Finance Department.

You are not required to delete your account if you no longer own a property within the Township of Russell.